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6 Tips to Remedy a Nuisance Barker


We’ve all been there. Your neighbor’s dog barks relentlessly and there are no amount of hints you can drop to keep him quiet. Or possibly worse – your own dog seems to bark at nothing and you can’t figure out

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Ask Marianna: On-Leash Greetings

I crossed paths with my neighbor this morning while we were both walking our dogs. We spoke briefly, the dogs sniffed, and then my dog went around her dog and their leashes crossed. My neighbor’s dog got aggressive – she

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Social Pressure: Understanding Your Dog’s Personal Bubble


Social pressure is a term used to describe the use of the natural space around you and all living things. Think of your personal bubble and how it interacts with those around you. Every individual (human and canine) has a

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All Dogs are Individuals

All dogs, “pure” breed or mixed breed, are individuals. One cannot effectively predict a dog’s behavior based on appearance or known ancestry. Any dog, even a pure bred dog with a closed gene pool, is capable of being friendly, social,

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Are Automatic Behaviors Really “Better”?

I have run across some trainers in my time, that feel “good” trainers/handlers should teach their dogs automatic behaviors, because “effective training shouldn’t need reminding”. I don’t entirely disagree, and in general, I like the idea of automatic behaviors – that

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